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I'm doing a total happy dance over here. I know you can't see it but I'm prancing!!! This looks awesome and you did a great job! *hugs*


Yay! Glad you like it so far. I was VERY nervous.

No no you did a super job!!

This is really interesting! Can't wait for more!

YAY *spins around until dizzy* I have much love for this. Please write more, I offer inspirational cyber hugs as incentive? LOL. Serioulsy, I will be tracking this story very closely.

Yay! Glad you like it! More will be coming, don't worry!

The atmosphere you create in this fic is so viscerally impactful. You've basically set it up here that anyone who's a female or a breeder in the lynx pack is pretty much raped until they're knocked up, and it creates a palpably terrifying situation for anyone with an ounce of pathos. And then you add in Dean: his shock at being what he is, desperate to get his head around the fact that he's a breeder at all, his fear of his pack's reaction, of what will happen to him... His escape into Castiel's jaguar pack feels for the reader like it does for him: a safe haven, salvation.

I love Castiel as Alpha and Gabriel being a breeder. More than that, I love how careful and considerate Gabriel is with Dean. And even a sprinkle of Wincesty flavor to round everything out. I'm going to be watching for updates to this fic every day. Great start! I'm eager to see more!

Glad you like it! Yeah, I did want to create something sinister within the lynx pack, and I'm so glad you got where Dean was coming from :).

Thanks so much for reading!

Oh! How interesting. And Poor Dean! His first time going into heat and he has no idea what to do? How frightening that must be.

And then he meets Castiel. What an interesting encounter that is.

I can't wait for more.

Thanks so much! I will try to post the next part asap.

I love this! Cas is so protective and I love it! I can't wait until you post more. I can't wait to see how things get more intense for Dean as the 2 wks progress. :)

Thank you! Next part should be up soon.

I can begin to explain now..how happy this makes me ♥ XD

This seems interesting and I look forward to the next chapter! Love how Dean runs into Cas and how Cas is already protective of Dean! :D

Thank you so much! Will post the next chapter soon.

I love it!! Poor Dean and the situation with his pack sucks but the interactions between Cas and Dean were so cute!
Hopefully, the next chapter is coming out soon?~

Yes, soon as I can get it out. Thanks for reading!

Haha. Yay!~ Can't wait.
Thanks for posting<3 ^^

Just have to say that I love your icon!!

... tomorrow.


Haha. Thanks!
It fits me perfectly..
... Unfortunately.. XD;;

This is really interesting, I have to say I'm excited to see where it goes :] love the choice of a lynx for one of the packs!

<3! this is wonderful so far :D

Glad you like it! And yeah, I love lynx.

THIS IS GREAT! IS THERE MORE?! If I bat my eyelashes at you will you do more!? Or maybe a internet cookie?

but really this is epic and I cant wait for more!

Haha, yes there will be more. I'll post asap. :) Glad you like it.

YAY! And could that asap be tonight?! Lols If not I totally cant wait! And thank you for thinking of this! Great plot bunnie there. c:

Ha! Not quite...probably within a few days.

good, good, more, more

Oh, I like! I hope you're a fast updater because I so cannot wait for more! Definitely one of my fav fics already ^^

Yay! So glad you like it. I will post again as soon as I can!

I already LOVE this. I follow Instinct, which you mentioned in your notes, and I am so happy that you're branching out into were-animals. The story and dynamic are so different but just as delicious. Can't waitfor an update. Thank you!

Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

Wow! I totally love this :D. I follow instinct and I'm glad you wrote this. Hope you update soon :D. I love your Dean Smith verse too

Aw thanks! I'm so happy you're enjoying this and the smith verse. :)

You did a nice job setting the mood for where Dean was coming from. Basically rape by the one who's quickest. Which just sounds horrible. As well as his own confusion!

I don't really do mprg, but as this is just starting out, it's actually ok.
It's more the super!babies I have a problem with. So as long as Dean doesn't have a baby that talks at the age of one it's cool :P Haha! Not trying to be pessimistic, but sadly the bad mpregs (and esp. child representaions) out number the good ones.

I liked your style of writing, it was very readable and well phrased.

I will keep an eye out and see how everything develops.

Oh, and your icon rocks!!!
Cas can spank Dean any time!

Thanks very much. Yeah, I wanted it to be a really scary and confusing place that Dean is coming from, so I'm glad you felt that.

The funny thing? I don't really do mpreg either! :P This is my first time ever writing an mpreg fic and it grew out of boredom. I posted on my journal several things I never write and asked people to vote, and mpreg and creature!fic won out! I hope you'll stay with the fic but if it gets too squicky for you, I totally understand if you need to bow out :P. And don't you worry, there will be no Twilight-esque super!babies in this fic.

Thanks for reading, and for the compliment on the icon!

I already love this fic! Lynx!Dean must be so cute with his fluffy ears! XD
I really feel bad for him though: he didn't even knew he would be submissive and as soon as he have his Heat, the males of his clan try to jump his bones? Harsh.
Thanksfully super!Cas is here!! <3
I love it! Try to update soon! :)

Winged Golden tiger

Thanks, so glad you like it. On vacation right now but will be updating in a couple of weeks. :)

This sounds as if it's going to be at least as awesome as Instincts :D

Awesome~ Awesome~

I love this story^^

Cant wait for more~~~~ ♥

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