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An Unexpected Turning (1/?)
Title: A Unexpected Turning (1/?)
Author: vivhasarifle
Rating: PG-13 (The rating on this will go up to NC-17 eventually)
Genre and/or Pairing: Eventual Dean/Cas, AU, creature!fic, angst, possible future Sam/Gabriel.
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Gabriel.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: MPREG. This is my first time writing both creature!fic and mpreg as per requests from the lovely gedry and 888mph , submissive!Dean. I guess technically this fic contains hermaphrodites, as there are male characters with ‘extra’ parts. If any of this bothers you, feel free not to read.
Word Count:  3287 WIP
Summary: Dean is a member of a pack of lynx and much to his surprise he discovers he is a carrier. Fearing the reactions of his pack, he runs, and encounters an interesting jaguar with piercing blue eyes.
Notes: Thanks to my fantastic (and first!)beta highermagic, whose fic Instinct leant great inspiration to this, and to gedry and 888mph for the prompts and support! Throughout this fic I refer to the two different packs as ‘lynx’ and ‘jaguars’ respectively, but just to be clear they are in fact, shifters. For the purposes of this fic it is easier to have Sam be two years younger than Dean, as opposed to four, like on the show. I hope this isn’t too distracting.
Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing.

Dean was running like he never had before, racing through the forest that surrounded his home; darting trees with quick, agile movements, trying in vain to keep his breathing steady, despite feeling that the wind itself was snapping at his heels.

How could this happen to him? Dean was strong, Dean was fast; he was bulky and masculine and he brought back more food from hunting than anyone else in the pack.

And now Dean was a carrier, a fact which seemed almost impossible. Almost.

The pack of lynx Dean lived with had suffered from a sickness fifty years ago, a sickness from which the pack had never really recovered. It was a sickness that had targeted their women and submissive males, their carriers. Now there were less than enough breeders to go around and every single one was needed. Male lynx reached maturity between sixteen and eighteen years of age, and that time, that oh-so important time determined the young lynxes’ lives forever, because when male lynx reached their sexual maturity, they emerged with a different smell, and a higher sex drive.

Or, like Dean, they went into heat.

The lynx that went into heat were subsequently bred, almost immediately. Dean had heard stories that back in his grandfather’s day lynx had mated for love and companionship, but now with their numbers steadily dwindling any fertile member of the pack was mounted and impregnated upon their first heat, by the first dominant pack member to reach them.

Dean knew it wasn’t entirely the fault of his fellow lynx. With the number of breeders being so low biology had kicked in, and every dominant male in the pack found the smell of a breeder’s heat almost impossible to resist.

But Dean just needed more time! Just a little more time! He hadn’t been expecting…no one had been expecting Dean to be submissive. Submissive males were usually easy to spot, even from childhood. They were normally of a more slender build than their peers, less equipped hunters and more physically flexible. They usually had light, high voices and long, soft limbs. Dean had none of these features: he was tall, muscular, broad and strong; an outstanding hunter with a deep, melodious voice.

Not a breeder.

Except that apparently, he was. Dean had known this year was his last year, seeing as he had waved goodbye to sixteen and seventeen without even a whisper of a desire to mate. He had awoken the morning of his eighteenth birthday, prepared to seek out his mate, the future mother of his children -

And then Dean had smelled himself, smelled the heady, spicy smell that hung around him, and his heart had sunk into his stomach. Tentatively he had reached between his legs and found what he had been dreading: a thin, slick slit behind his penis, tight and waiting…

The minute Dean had emerged from his tent every head had turned towards him, and he heard a collective, sinister sound.


Even his brother was staring at him with strange, contorted expression (Sam was two years younger than him, and his birthday was a month before Dean’s. He had, of course, reached sexual maturity earlier than Dean had, and Dean never heard the end of it). Dean had felt himself break out in a cold sweat as he saw the males in the pack start to close in around him, Gordon being the closest…

And so Dean had run, and luckily for him, he was faster than all the other lynx in the pack.


Well, almost all the other lynx.

Leave me alone, Sammy! he called back to his brother, never breaking stride for a moment.

Dean, you have to come back! We need you!

Me? Or a willing womb? Dean snarled, quickening his pace.

Dean, there’s no shame in -

I know there’s no shame in it, Sam, Jesus! I just…I need some time. I never thought…I’m not ready.

Dean, please…Dean could hear the tone of his brother’s voice, and knew that if they were in their human forms Sam would be welling up, like the giant girl he was. Dean, I need you. Forget about the others! I’ll keep you protected if I have to I -

And how long could you resist it, Sammy? How long could you control yourself around my smell?

Dean, you’re my brother -

Which is exactly why you can’t guard me, Dean replied. With carrier numbers this low you never know how strong the call to mate will be. I can’t do that to you Sam, I won’t.

Dean, his brother’s voice was barely a whisper in his head now; Dean must have been close to losing him, Promise me you’ll come back?

I’ll be back in two weeks, Sammy, Dean called out to his brother as loudly as he could. I’ll be back as soon as my heat is over. And next time, next time I promise I’ll be ready. Tell the pack that next time I’ll be ready.

Dean couldn’t hear his brother’s reply, which meant that he had finally lost him, which was a relief, because all of Dean’s limbs were starting to burn with the effort of running. He bounded another mile or so, before coming across a watering hole. He whined gratefully and bent over, lapping at the cool liquid with his tongue.

When he looked up he saw the jaguar. It was black, and its powerful, sinewy limbs were pacing patiently on the other side of the pool. It had piercing blue eyes.

Dean immediately pressed his body close to the ground and began to ease backwards, carefully. Dean was an excellent fighter, but this jaguar was huge, much bigger than him, and Dean was tired from all his running.

The majestic beast in front of him lifted its head and sniffed the air, once, before its crystalline eyes fixed on Dean.

Oh God, it could smell his heat.

Before Dean knew what was happening he let out a small yowl and made for a quick escape, but the jaguar was too fast and it pounced on him, pinning him to the floor.

I will not hurt you, little one.

Dean blinked and looked into its stern face. This close he could see the spots on the jaguar’s pelt, usually concealed by its inky color.

Why should I believe you? he replied, defiantly.

Because if I had wanted to kill you, you would already be dead.

Not exactly the most comforting words Dean had ever heard, but there was a ring of truth to the jaguar’s voice.

Shift to your human form, the great, black animal above him requested, and Dean struggled against his mighty paws.

I will, but you have to let me go.

How do I know you will not run away?

If Dean were human, he would have snorted. We already know you’re faster than me, and I run faster as a lynx than I do a human.

The jaguar tilted its head to the side and Dean heard a low rumble coming from his chest that he could have sworn was a laugh. You make a good point. The jaguar lifted its colossal feet away from Dean, who scrambled away and shifted as fast as he could, crossing his arms in front of his chest and glaring at the creature in front of him.

“Now you,” he said.

The big cat inclined its head and shifted, and before Dean knew what was happening a man was standing in front of him, a man the same height as Dean, but much to Dean’s surprise, with a slighter build. He had short, messy black hair and pale, milky skin.

He was beautiful.

“What’s your name?” the man asked him, his eyes sweeping over Dean’s body.

“I’m Dean, what’s yours?” Dean was staring pointedly at the ground.

“My name is Castiel,” the other man circled around Dean until he was standing behind him, and inhaled deeply.

“You’re in heat,” he said, it was a statement, not a question. Dean nodded.


“It is your first,” again another, statement. Dean nodded again.

“Why aren’t you with your pack, Dean?”

“I…Why aren’t you with yours?”

“I am not a breeder,” Castiel replied, “It isn’t dangerous for me to be in the forest, alone.”

“I can take care of myself!” Dean snarled. Castiel chuckled and walked around to face him again, smirking.

“I’m sure you can,” he replied, “But your scent…it’s enticing. You could attract creatures for miles around, strong creatures,” Castiel grinned, displaying all of his teeth, “Creatures like me.”

Dean took in a deep breath, drawing his shoulders back. “If you’re going to try something, you should do it now, but I’m going to warn you, I’m a fighter.”

Castiel tilted his head to the side. “I’m not going to rape you, Dean. I have more control than that.”

“Yeah? Well you’ll forgive me if I’m antsy but I haven’t had a lot of experience with people controlling themselves recently.”

Castiel shrugged. “My pack isn’t the same as yours…I’m guessing you don’t have a lot of breeders or women.”

Dean started at Castiel’s astute assessment.

“Ah,” the man in front of him smirked. “I guessed right. Well Dean, you don’t need to worry. My pack has the opposite problem. We have an excess of fertile members, four to every one dominant male. Our mating urge has gone to the back burner; it’s easier for us to ignore.”

“You didn’t ignore me,” Dean pointed out.

Castiel quirked an eyebrow. “You smell delicious.” The other man reached out and put a tentative hand on Dean’s chest. Dean snarled and pushed it away.

“Get your fucking hands off me.”

“I already told you I wasn’t going to assault you.”

“That doesn’t mean you have the right to touch me.”

Castiel inclined his head. “You’re right, please forgive me. I forgot myself.”

“That’s…that’s okay,” Dean was uncomfortable, his whole body felt feverish, and Castiel smelled…Castiel smelled like nothing Dean had ever experienced. Dean knew it was his heat talking, knew that hormones were flooding his body and telling him to mate, and Castiel was the nearest male, that was all. Dean started breathing deeply to calm himself down.

“So, you left your pack to avoid being mated…why? Isn’t it your responsibility?”

“I’m not…I’m going to go back; I’m going to let them mate me, I just wanted time, that’s all.”

Castiel frowned. “They do give you a choice in who becomes your mate, don’t they?”

Dean shook his head. “Not…exactly. The mating instinct it’s - it’s too strong. They catch the scent and -”

“Can’t help themselves,” Castiel finished for him.

Dean nodded, “Yeah, basically. And I wasn’t exactly expecting -”

“Yes, you don’t have the usual look.”

“Yeah well, I just wasn’t ready. I just want to ride out this first heat and then I’ll go back.”

Castiel fixed him with a hard glare. “And what were you planning to do? Wander around in the forest for…how long does your heat last? Two weeks?”

“Yeah, unless I get pregnant.”

“And that is something you want to avoid, correct?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Yes,” he answered, tersely.

“Well then what were you thinking, running into the forest at the dead of night, smelling like you do?”

“I…I just ran.” Dean wrapped his arms around himself, it was getting chilly. He missed the comfort of his fur. “Look, do you mind if I shift back? It’s getting cold.”

Castiel blinked. “Forgive me, I have been inconsiderate.”

“It’s fine.”

“I’d like you to come and stay with my pack.”

Dean’s head jerked backwards. “Excuse me?”

“As I have already said, we have a good hold over our mating instincts, and it isn’t safe for you alone.”

Dean bit his lip. Sure, this jaguar was strange, but he really didn‘t have any other options. Castiel was right: Dean had been so preoccupied with getting away from his pack that he hadn‘t even thought about everything else in the forest. “How will you convince your Alpha?”

Castiel laughed, and Dean noticed the man had small crinkles at the corner of his eyes (which Dean definitely didn’t find endearing or attractive).

“Easy,” Castiel said, smoothly. “I am the Alpha.”

Dean had very little time to experience shock before Castiel shifted before his eyes. Dean started and followed suit, turning towards the large cat in front of him.

Where now? he asked.

Home. Follow me.

Castiel took off in a run.

It took them about an hour to reach the rest of Castiel’s pack, the jaguar leading Dean to a large clearing with tents, much like the one Dean lived in. Castiel shifted back to his human form and Dean copied him.

He was met with at least fifty pairs of suspicious eyes.

“Well bro,” a short, light haired man a few yards away approached them. “What did you bring us?”

“Calm down, Gabriel.” Castiel gestured at Dean. “This is Dean, a member of our neighboring lynx pack,” this Castiel addressed to the whole party. “He will be staying with us for two weeks, please make him feel welcome.”

“He’s in heat,” Dean heard the quiet comment from somewhere in the crowd and blushed.

“Yes, he is,” Castiel called out to the speaker. “And he doesn’t want to be mated, so keep a hold of yourselves. I think we can all agree we have enough breeders of our own to worry about.”

There was a general murmur of ascent in the crowd, before Castiel turned and headed towards his tent, gesturing for Dean to follow him.

“Gabriel,” he said, turning back to face the short man from earlier. “Please come to my tent at your earliest convenience.

“Sure thing, little brother, you want me to bring anything?”

Castiel shot Dean a quick glance. “Food,” he said, “If there is enough to spare, and your supplies.”

Gabriel nodded. “See you in a jiffy.”

Castiel started walking again and Dean stood close to his side, eyeing the other jaguars, warily.

“That’s your brother?”

Castiel nodded. “Yes.”

“Your older brother?”

Castiel stopped at a tent and pulled back the front, gesturing for Dean to go inside. “Yes, Gabriel is a year older than me.”

“So…” Dean walked inside, “No disrespect or anything but how come you’re the Alpha and he’s not?”

Castiel shrugged, “He is a breeder. The alpha instinct never kicked in. Please sit anywhere you feel comfortable.”

Dean surveyed the inside of the tent with interest, noting the hides and furs that were strewn about to make it more homey. It reminded Dean of his tent at home, and for a moment, Dean missed his brother. They hadn’t spent a night apart since Sammy was born, and now here he was in some stranger’s tent, and with him going into heat…he and his brother had never been more different.

“Dean?” he heard the concern in Castiel’s voice and sat down on a bear fur, quickly. Castiel joined him and rubbed his shoulders, gently.

“It’s going to be all right, Dean.” Dean moaned a little as Castiel kneaded at his tense muscles. “You mustn’t doubt that.”

“Am I interrupting something?” Gabriel opened the tent with one hand and Castiel leapt up to take a tray of food from him.

“No, of course not,” he told his brother, “We were just talking.”

“Sure you were, kiddo.” Gabriel set down a cloth bundle he was carrying under his arm and approached Dean. “So, what’s the damage?”

Dean was confused. “What?”

“Gabriel is our healer,” Castiel explained. “I wanted him to look at you to make sure your first heat was progressing as it should be.”

“Your first heat, huh?” Gabriel knelt down next to Dean. “Yeah, that one’s a bitch. God, I remember wanting to fuck anything that moved.”

“Not exactly…” Dean was blushing again.

“Is this your first night?” Gabriel asked, and Dean nodded. “Well, that explains it. It’ll be worse tomorrow, and it’ll gradually get worse as the heat goes on, peaking out right before it ends.”

“Awesome,” Dean said, flatly.

“Yeah, it’s a bitch,” Gabriel continued, placing the back of his hand against Dean’s forehead. “You’re running a small fever, but that’s pretty normal too, especially what with you running around and exerting yourself.”

Castiel grumbled when Gabriel said this and the older man rolled his eyes. “Ignore him, he’s incredibly over-protective of people he likes. Have you been feeling faint at all?”

Dean shook his head.

“Good. Is your opening already fully formed?”

Dean blanched at Gabriel’s technical language. “I…don’t know.”

Gabriel glanced at Castiel and then back at Dean. “Do you mind if I check?”

“Do you…have to?”

Gabriel put his hand on Dean’s shoulder. “It’s just to check everything’s happening the way it should be, I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

Dean closed his eyes. “Castiel…would you leave for a second?”

Castiel nodded. “Of course.” He squeezed Dean’s shoulder and left the tent.

“Okay,” Gabriel said, gently, “Just open your legs a little bit, and I‘m sorry if my hands are cold.”

Dean grimaced as Gabriel’s fingers explored a part that he hadn’t had before today, gently stretching and prodding. Dean felt like he was going to throw up.

“Is that tender?”

Dean nodded. “A little bit.”

Gabriel finished up and removed his hand. “Well, that’s normal, it’s…new. It’s a good thing you decided to ride out this heat, it’s really not a good idea to go barreling in the first time.”

“We don’t really have a choice in my pack,” Dean replied, glumly.

“Well,” Gabriel washed off his hands in a basin of water in the corner of the tent, “You have a choice here. You want me to tell Cas to come back in?”

“Yeah, he can come in if he wants.”

Gabriel stuck his head around the tent door for a few seconds and then returned to Dean’s side, followed by Castiel. Gabriel unwrapped the cloth bundle he had brought with him and pulled out a wad of dry herbs.

“Okay,” he began, handing them to Dean, “I want you to make a tea out of these and drink it three times a day until your heat is over. They’ll help with the tenderness you’re experiencing as well as with the fever.”


“Rest. I know it doesn’t completely feel like it but your body is exerting itself like crazy right now. You need lots of sleep, lots of food, and you really shouldn’t go running around in the forest until it’s over.”

Castiel smirked. “I told you.”

“Be quiet, bro,” Gabriel snorted. “Now, unless you fellas need something else I’ll be on my way.”

Castiel nodded, and brought the tray of food over to Dean. “Thank you, Gabriel.”

“Any time, bro.” And with that, Gabriel was gone.

“Here,” Castiel handed Dean a strip and smoked meat. “Eat this.”

Dean tore into it with his teeth, grateful for the sustenance.

“Thanks,” he muttered thickly, through a mouthful. “I’m starving for some reason.”

“Well Gabriel told you, your body is exerting itself. It needs fuel. Here.” Castiel threw Dean an apple. “How far away is your pack from here?”

Dean swallowed. “About eight miles south west.”

Castiel nodded. “Good, I’ll send a messenger to let them know you are safe, and will be returning when your heat is over.”

Dean stood up and placed a hand on Castiel’s shoulder. “I can’t thank you enough for this.”

“I’m happy to do it, Dean.”

Before Dean could help himself, he yawned.

“You need sleep,” Castiel said firmly, pushing Dean down onto the furs. “Sleep, Dean.”

And if Dean felt Castiel card his fingers through Dean’s hair, well, he pretended not to notice.

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I'm doing a total happy dance over here. I know you can't see it but I'm prancing!!! This looks awesome and you did a great job! *hugs*


Yay! Glad you like it so far. I was VERY nervous.

No no you did a super job!!

This is really interesting! Can't wait for more!

YAY *spins around until dizzy* I have much love for this. Please write more, I offer inspirational cyber hugs as incentive? LOL. Serioulsy, I will be tracking this story very closely.

Yay! Glad you like it! More will be coming, don't worry!

The atmosphere you create in this fic is so viscerally impactful. You've basically set it up here that anyone who's a female or a breeder in the lynx pack is pretty much raped until they're knocked up, and it creates a palpably terrifying situation for anyone with an ounce of pathos. And then you add in Dean: his shock at being what he is, desperate to get his head around the fact that he's a breeder at all, his fear of his pack's reaction, of what will happen to him... His escape into Castiel's jaguar pack feels for the reader like it does for him: a safe haven, salvation.

I love Castiel as Alpha and Gabriel being a breeder. More than that, I love how careful and considerate Gabriel is with Dean. And even a sprinkle of Wincesty flavor to round everything out. I'm going to be watching for updates to this fic every day. Great start! I'm eager to see more!

Glad you like it! Yeah, I did want to create something sinister within the lynx pack, and I'm so glad you got where Dean was coming from :).

Thanks so much for reading!

Oh! How interesting. And Poor Dean! His first time going into heat and he has no idea what to do? How frightening that must be.

And then he meets Castiel. What an interesting encounter that is.

I can't wait for more.

Thanks so much! I will try to post the next part asap.

I love this! Cas is so protective and I love it! I can't wait until you post more. I can't wait to see how things get more intense for Dean as the 2 wks progress. :)

Thank you! Next part should be up soon.

I can begin to explain happy this makes me ♥ XD

This seems interesting and I look forward to the next chapter! Love how Dean runs into Cas and how Cas is already protective of Dean! :D

Thank you so much! Will post the next chapter soon.

I love it!! Poor Dean and the situation with his pack sucks but the interactions between Cas and Dean were so cute!
Hopefully, the next chapter is coming out soon?~

Yes, soon as I can get it out. Thanks for reading!

Haha. Yay!~ Can't wait.
Thanks for posting<3 ^^

Just have to say that I love your icon!!

... tomorrow.


Haha. Thanks!
It fits me perfectly..
... Unfortunately.. XD;;

This is really interesting, I have to say I'm excited to see where it goes :] love the choice of a lynx for one of the packs!

<3! this is wonderful so far :D

Glad you like it! And yeah, I love lynx.

THIS IS GREAT! IS THERE MORE?! If I bat my eyelashes at you will you do more!? Or maybe a internet cookie?

but really this is epic and I cant wait for more!

Haha, yes there will be more. I'll post asap. :) Glad you like it.

YAY! And could that asap be tonight?! Lols If not I totally cant wait! And thank you for thinking of this! Great plot bunnie there. c:

Ha! Not quite...probably within a few days.

good, good, more, more

Oh, I like! I hope you're a fast updater because I so cannot wait for more! Definitely one of my fav fics already ^^

Yay! So glad you like it. I will post again as soon as I can!

I already LOVE this. I follow Instinct, which you mentioned in your notes, and I am so happy that you're branching out into were-animals. The story and dynamic are so different but just as delicious. Can't waitfor an update. Thank you!

Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

Wow! I totally love this :D. I follow instinct and I'm glad you wrote this. Hope you update soon :D. I love your Dean Smith verse too

Aw thanks! I'm so happy you're enjoying this and the smith verse. :)

You did a nice job setting the mood for where Dean was coming from. Basically rape by the one who's quickest. Which just sounds horrible. As well as his own confusion!

I don't really do mprg, but as this is just starting out, it's actually ok.
It's more the super!babies I have a problem with. So as long as Dean doesn't have a baby that talks at the age of one it's cool :P Haha! Not trying to be pessimistic, but sadly the bad mpregs (and esp. child representaions) out number the good ones.

I liked your style of writing, it was very readable and well phrased.

I will keep an eye out and see how everything develops.

Oh, and your icon rocks!!!
Cas can spank Dean any time!

Thanks very much. Yeah, I wanted it to be a really scary and confusing place that Dean is coming from, so I'm glad you felt that.

The funny thing? I don't really do mpreg either! :P This is my first time ever writing an mpreg fic and it grew out of boredom. I posted on my journal several things I never write and asked people to vote, and mpreg and creature!fic won out! I hope you'll stay with the fic but if it gets too squicky for you, I totally understand if you need to bow out :P. And don't you worry, there will be no Twilight-esque super!babies in this fic.

Thanks for reading, and for the compliment on the icon!

I already love this fic! Lynx!Dean must be so cute with his fluffy ears! XD
I really feel bad for him though: he didn't even knew he would be submissive and as soon as he have his Heat, the males of his clan try to jump his bones? Harsh.
Thanksfully super!Cas is here!! <3
I love it! Try to update soon! :)

Winged Golden tiger

Thanks, so glad you like it. On vacation right now but will be updating in a couple of weeks. :)

This sounds as if it's going to be at least as awesome as Instincts :D

Awesome~ Awesome~

I love this story^^

Cant wait for more~~~~ ♥

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